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After working collectively in the field of education for forty years, we, a small team of writers, educators and artists now publish fictional novels infused with real-life content for grades 5-8.


Award Winning

Best STEM Book


Emmet’s Storm

For kids who “don’t like science” a story that will change their mind.

Emmet Roche is an odd ball, a whippersnapper, a genius. His failed science experiments caused such ruckus he’s being shipped out to the country school. Nobody there likes or understands him. When the blizzard of 1888 hits, snowing sideways, will anyone listen to his ideas about the flame color in the stove? And the headaches and dizziness? Will they take his advice before it’s too late?

A historical fiction middle grade novel with real scientific content for grades 5-8. A curricular bridge for Social Studies and Science.

Scientific Fiction

Reading Level: 750L

Winner of Best STEM Award

Children’s Book Council


The Peppino Series, historical fiction

Two part series fiction book with real historical content for middle grades.

Peppino Good as Bread

Ten-year-old Peppino lives in a small ancient farm town in Italy. His father is in America, the Fascists have taken over his home and force him and his mother to live in the basement with their farm animals. With World War II raging around, him, Peppino learns what it takes to be a survivor–to become a person who is “as good as bread.”

Written by Ann Rubino

Artwork by Robert Cimbalo

Available in paperback, hardcover and digital formats

Historical Fiction

Reading Level: 660L


Peppino and the Streets of Gold

After living under dictatorship and through WWII in Italy, Peppino arrives in America in 1948 expecting to find streets “paved with gold.” Instead he finds himself a foreigner, a Dago, living above a grocery shop with his parents and his Uncle Carlo, who sneaked in illegally through New York. He isn’t prepared for the slush and bone chilling cold of a Chicago winter. When his old friend Dominic shows up, the temptation for the boys to connect with the “Outfit” who control the streets around Grand Avenue is fierce. They’d have money, a group to belong to, and life would be easy. Or would it?

Reading Level: 730L

Written by Ann Rubino

Cover Art by Julie Sulzen

Available in paperback, hardcover and digital formats

Historical Fiction