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Emmet’s Storm

Easy to use for language arts, social studies, or integrated with science. 

“Everywhere he looks, he sees a puzzle to be solved or an idea to be tested. And he’ll do anything to do so, no matter how messy–or downright dangerous–it gets. …Truly dedicated young scientists will particularly enjoy the gallery of real-life patent diagrams at the end, including one by Thomas Edison.”

-Kirkus Reviews

“Filled with historical accuracy and heartwarming characters, this engaging story is imbedded with science concepts. It transports the reader back to a time when children had freedom and time to act on their natural curiosity in order to learn how the world works.”

Judy McKee
Columnist – NSTA Reports
National Science Teachers Association

“Some 40 years after Edison’s own birth, Emmet Roche typifies all the characteristics of a young Thomas Edison himself. As Emmet evolves from the atypical boy who is only marginally tolerated in small town Iowa, to becoming the hero of the day, this is truly an inspiring story every young boy or girl would love to read. I can only imagine how many youthful minds Emmet Roche may lead down the path of scientific observation.”

Peter Scariano, Author
Adjunct Instructor-Lewis University
Retired Middle School Science Teacher


ISBN 978-1-942247-00-5 (paperback)

978-1-942247-03-6 (hardcover)

978-1-942247-01-2 (digital)


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Peppino, Good as Bread


Read excerpt from Peppino Good As Bread


“Peppino, Good as Bread, is a warm-hearted story about a resourceful boy whose life is disrupted by the German occupation of his village during WWII. It is a frightening time, but Peppino is determined to earn the approval of his absent father and to help his mother survive. Based on memories of the man who was Peppino, this factual account of life under occupation will be a valuable addition to classroom libraries.”

Patricia Malone
Legend of Lady Ilena
Lady Ilena Way of the Warrior
Random House

“Peppino pulls the reader into his life during the war and shows how his insight and ingenuity help him outwit the occupiers he fears. Middle-schoolers will cheer as he uses his wits to bring even formidable Mamma around to his way of thinking.”

Dr. Suzanne O’Brien
Assoc. Professor Elementary Education, Lewis University

ISBN 978-1-942247-07-4 (paperback)

978-1-942247-08-1 (hardcover)

978-1-942247-09-8 (digital)

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Peppino and the Streets of Gold


Read excerpt from Peppino and the Streets of Gold


There are a handful of fiction books that are quoted by academics because they provide a glimpse of true history that is not available anywhere else. Your book will be considered one of them. I am guessing that Peppino and some of the other characters are also based on real people. You have certainly hit the nail on the head with the neighborhood gangsters.

Robert “Mickey” Lombardo 
Organized Crime in Chicago: Beyond the Mafia