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The Floyd County Chronicles

Download the About Floyd County Chronicles (PDF)

Download the Catree Brochure integrating STEM and Social Studies (PDF)

T E A C H I N G    T I P S    E M M E T

Download the Emmet's Storm Discussion Questions (PDF)

Download the Integration Possibilities (PDF)

Download the Emmet's Storm Flyer for Teachers (PDF)

Vermont Agency of Education: Emmet's Storm A STEM Thinking Book, NSTA (PDF) by Kathy Renfrew

3rd Grade Weather and Climate, from NSTA (link)

National Informal STEM Education Network: Make a battery stack like Emmet did (link)

(PS. You can read "Frankenstein" or you can read "Emmet's Storm" to be inspired about battery making.)

Graded 7-8, CPalms, Voltaic Pile lab (link)

Cyrus Field's Big Dream by Mary Morton Cowan (link) A fantastic resource for the first transatlantic telegraph cable.

T E A C H I N G    T I P S    I N G A

Download the Inga's Amazing Ideas Discussion Questions (PDF)

Download the Teaching links for STEM integration with Inga's Amazing Ideas (PDF)

Download the Inga's Ideas Flyer for Teachers (PDF)

NGSS, Grades 3-5 Engineering Design (link)

M O R E    I D E A S

Dream Big Film and NSTA

NGSS, Overview of Standards (link)

NGSS, Disciplinary Core Ideas (link)

NGSS, Designing 5E Lessons (link)

NCSS, Social Studies Strands. Our books emphasize strands 3,4 and 8. (link)

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